Five/Ten Year Veteran Coins


In order to honor and applaud the long time associated members of counter strike fraternity the company has decided to award this prestigious account to them so that their energy stay boosted. The company took this step of appreciation to reward the passion of its beloved gaming fellows and to make them realize that they possess an immense value in this family of CSGO.
So the requirements which come up in order to be an owner of this account are:

  • The player should have a tie with the counter strike fraternity for more than five years or so.
  • The player should own a game, beside the counter strike: global offensive, from the counter strike gaming series.

Above are the main requirements to be filled to be an owner of the five year veteran account. But for those who have just started on their journey with the counter strike gaming community and wants to immediately climb up those ladders without waiting for such a long period then the role of ours come into play. With just a few steps to be done by you and the next thing you know an email from us pops up to announce you as an owner of this esteemed account. The thing is you just have to do is to purchase a five year veteran coin account from our CSGO products and we will provide you with all the details to get you started with it.
As for the authenticity of the account then you just need to take a deep relaxed breath because we at Gamerz Hub are quite keen in our work and provide with products free from all sorts of cheats and hacks to intensify and enhance your gaming experience.
Once you purchased an account the delivery is made to be as quick as possible to limit the waiting hours of our customers. The accounts come in range of prices to provide you people with great options to choose from i.e. to buy according to your ease. This account along with CSGO prime accounts, CSGO smurf accounts and other CSGO ranked accounts are one of the most popular accounts among the fraternity of CSGO.
The symbolic representation of the five year veteran coin account is a spark from the past. The two knives presented on it would surely be a memory for its long term and old customers as it hints back to the early days of the game i.e. it’s from the counter strike: source. For those who are the owner of the five year veteran coin account can also purchase a physical representation of it in real life too, so as to double the enthusiasm.
So if you want to be an owner of this prestigious account and still can’t find a reasonable place to purchase it and you are all tired and exhausted from your search then Gamer Hub is the place for you. So just sit back and relax and let us do the job of providing you with the product you have long been waiting for.

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