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-VAC Status Clean

-Steam Level 0

-Competative Cooldown/Bans No

-This package includes

  • 1 x Steam Account


Playerunknown’s Battleground started its journey in this gaming industry about one year ago in December 2017 and since then the game has proved to be a favorite among the gaming fraternity. The game play of PUBG focuses on the same genre of shooting which was also a part of the CSGO; it is a player or team versus shooting game. The game can be played in various modes let it be a solo, duo or a team game. The main purpose of the game is to go through all the hurdles and rise up as the last man (or team) surviving.
The game is set with the players parachuting from a plane to a place marked up on a map, upon landing the real adventure starts with the sole purpose to survive. As soon as the players put their feet on the ground the real quest of surviving and remaining to be the last to conquer the game is the main deal. Players have to search and find the armor, weapons and other products of their survival on the land where they just arrived and try their best to be not get killed by others. As the game further approaches the area where the players previously landed with help of the parachute starts shrinking making it a nail biting competition of combat. As the shrinking in the size of land gradually becomes more and more aggressive the players must use all the tactics and skills they have it in them to come out as the winner. As the game approaches its end the players gain some sort of currency to upgrade their weapons and to do other customizations.
Since its release PUBG has been the talk of the town and a lot of the gaming perks still can’t get over its spell so keeping this in mind we at Gamerz Hub are providing you gaming maniacs with cheap PUBG accounts. Although cheap but still high quality PUBG accounts is the aim we are here to achieve. As soon as you buy a PUBG account from the Gamerz Hub the delivery of it via the email with all its details will be provided to you in no time. When buying any product from our website you will always be satisfied in terms of quality as we never compromises on the pleasure one gets to experience whilst playing a good quality game free from all sorts of cheats and hacks. We also believe in providing our services in reasonable prices so that you can buy PUBG accounts online at very cheap prices.
If you still don’t have the most happening game of this year then you are surely behind in the gaming community so get up and make up for that lost time by simply getting the game today. Your access to the PUBG is the steam; Steam is a platform for you people to get the most anticipated of games of this era. Steam is a game distribution platform providing with all the games you need to make your leisure time a time of immense satisfaction. So if want to buy PUBG online then you should get yourself a PUBG steam account right away.

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